My essential commitment has always been the image. Static image that should summarize all the aspects of the phenomenal world, to shape them, organize, refine and present to the public in an appealing way with a certain message. Sometimes I designed signs and symbols, searched for right angles in my photographs, worked on complex illustrations, had fun working on layouts and solutions for graphic designs ... At the end of all my creative enterprises were mainly images, standalone or part of much, much bigger picture.

Arts and Communication alongside each other are constantly being developed, updated and revised. Following them increases my appetites for consumption and creation.

With the movement of an entire world to the internet I discovered new interests toward information technology and design. This happened long before my professional engagements. Enjoying the overall wealth of art I was thinking how to organize it in order to approach it easier and understand it better. I studied the development of web sites and systems for organizing and managing digital content, occasionally coming up with interesting engagements. However, my engagement with organization and information technologies today is at the level of hobby. Image prevailed! It is still my greatest passion.